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was there yesterday. At first I didn't like it, but the more I think about, the more I like. The film leaves a feeling of deep sorrow, and it becomes stronger in time.

Once again, formally Thomas isn't a main character there, but actually he is. His character shows the biggest struggle and overcoming, he is in the deepest hell and manages to cope with it keeping humanity, and saving two innocent people who accidentally passed by.
The blondie girl supposed to be a heroine of the movie thinks she is in trouble. But for her this nightmare is just an episode in her life - horrible, traumatizing, but just an episode. And for Thomas this is his entire life. He isn't even an accomplice of Lucille; he is the first of her victims, used, abused and dominated, having lost his hope long ago but still dreaming of the sun. He suffered more than all of them put together, because personal nightmares of girls picked by Lucille were just pieces of his life-long nightmare. And there is no hope for him in the end, in death he is doomed to spent eternity with his psychopathic sister, trying to protect innocent living beings from her evil spirit...
I wonder how many people will call him a villain in this movie. How many people are not able to summarize and reanalyze the first part of the movie after having watched the last part.
His spirit is the only one colored in white...

Dear mr. Hiddleston! I have no idea how you manage to find such roles, but it's amazing!!!

thank you!


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